Sustainable Learning Centre

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An Urban Design project on an iconic site next to Tower Bridge in London.

My concept was derived mostly from the idea of Hub and meeting. I was keen to take advantage of the iconic site we had been given for the project and wanted my scheme to have a real impact on the city of London and the rest of the world. I took this idea of meeting and adapted it to attracting…or collecting, the idea of bringing people from the city into the site.

I wanted to address an international issue with my design and attempt to make a difference, I decided that my scheme would be based on the idea of Sustainable living and Learning. I wanted my urban design to become a place where people could visit and learn about sustainability, and I would use the influential site to achieve this. I intended for my whole scheme to become the learning centre, and not just one particular building. The residential part of the  brief would become a sustainable community, with the learning centre being solely dedicated to sustainable teaching. These two parts of the brief would be very much overlapping in order to teach the public about how a sustainable community really lives.

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I originally proposed a similar idea to the ‘BedZed’ sustainable community in the UK, but after considering the scale of the site and the iconic area that it is situated i decided that something like this would not be appropriate.

I wanted this scheme to make a statement, and be able to attract the occupants of London city to the site. I decided to take the idea of a ‘beacon’…a glistening tower that would be seen from afar and attract people to the sustainable learning centre.

The idea of spreading out the city was met very literally in the form of arms which splay out over the site and into the city of London, like a tree spreading its roots. These routes would  act as arms collecting people to the main building. Each arm would teach the occupants about sustainability as they make their journey to the tower through the use of Learning Pods.

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