Sports Centre Gridshell

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The brief for this project aimed to teach us about the importance of structure. The project was siteless for the first 2 weeks and we were asked to choose a structure that was related to our concept.

My chosen concept was ‘emotion’, both in sport and in architecture. The concept then developed into the emotion and relationship between the sportsman and spectator. The Gridshell represented the sportsman, and a portland stone plinth represented the spectator. The main idea being that the spectator would literally support the sportsman. The concept of emotion in architecture is addressed through a series of spaces which aim to provoke the occupants senses and change the way they feel.

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This project involved a lot of research and experimentation. As the gridshell is not a common structure, I decided to contact the architects of my main precedent, The Downland Gridshell.

Edward Cullinan architects were very helpful and provided me with information and drawings to help me in my discoveries. I also turned to the use of modelling during the research stages, making a full span timber gridshell at 1:50. This model enabled me to understand how the structure worked and how it could be formed. It drove the whole scheme and became an important tool for learning and creating my final drawings.

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This project was selected to become a showcase project for the university of Portsmouth.
It is also currently the subject of a published research document conducted by one of my lecturers, whom I am working closely with.

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