Therapy Consultants, Inc.

Becca and I are the proud parents of three children. Over the past 16 years she and I have worked at Fortune Global 500 companies, but have long desired to own and operate a business of our own. As we considered the possibility of buying Therapy Consultants we discovered it’s positive impact upon everyone involved in the scope of the business. The business provides skilled therapists with well-paying jobs and decent benefits. It also creates efficiencies in the school districts as a reliable source of talent. Finally, it aides to improve the lives, and enhance the educational experience of school-aged children. These functions serve to make valuable and honest contributions to the community; and together are what have attracted my wife and me to buying and growing Therapy Consultants.  After nearly a decade,  we continue to strive to serve, grow, and adapt to our ever changing times. 

We have had family in Texas since its early years as a Republic, and take great pride in that. We are committed to ensuring that Therapy Consultants is a conduit for us to have a positive and profound impact on individuals and communities here at home in Houston and all other points in Texas. We very much look forward to a lasting and meaningful relationship with everyone involved.


Rob and Becca Strobel


“We Treat You the Way We Would Like to be Treated”. We are committed to achieving a standard of excellence that sets us apart from the other contracting companies, to ensure your maximum financial benefit and career success.


Therapy Consultants unique limited 2-year non-compete, gives our therapist more flexible career path options.  If therapist feels that it is 100% in his/her best interest to work as a district staff employee, we will not stand in their way. We will not punish either party with fees.


Our compensation packages are easy to understand. You will not be presented with lengthy contracts or confusing fine print. Instead, you will receive an offer that is straightforward, fair and customized to your specific goals and needs.